'Just In Case' binders were developed by Harold Empey. He created a complete and easily accessible system for key documents and information family/survivors need upon a passing or serious illness/hospitalization. Mr. Empey was motivated to help others after losing Betty, his dear wife of 56 years. The result is a comprehensive binder that contains detailed information and an organized system for storing crucial information.

    There are 12 sections including documents about executors, finances, life insurance, pensions, contact lists, social media accounts, wills, and more, as well as information about each subject. The 'Just In Case' binders make things much easier on families during an already difficult time. The 'Just In Case' binders are a wonderful resource not only in the event of passing away, but also in the case of extended sickness, inability to work, hospitalization, accidents etc.

    The 'Just In Case' binders are sturdy, covered in a durable nylon fabric and zippered around all three opening sides to fully contain all contents. They are helpful for any age group to have completed on hand. 13,000+ 'Just In Case' Binders have been sold since 2013. 


    “I have now finished my Just In Case Binder, and have peace of mind.  Thanks very much.”

    “My daughter is a lawyer and she says everything is in order…..I bought a (Just In Case Binder) and will show my daughter how wrong she was.”

    “What you have developed is truly a wonderful concept. Your wife and son would be proud…..”

    “The (Just In Case Binders) arrived today, and I thank you sincerely.  I am very impressed….I will give it immediate attention, because while we know these matters are important and necessary, we don’t do much about them until conditions force one to act. Thanks so much, I will be calling for more binders."



    'Just In Case' Binder

    • $35.00