Public Speaking & Organizing Reviews

    Public Speaking Reviews

    • 100% of participants said the presentation they attended was helpful
    • 100% of participants said the presentation they attended included information and strategies they could implement

    "I like it when presentations have tools that can be used for everyday life"

    "(I liked the) ideas to help in organizing my jobs and decisions to do things"

    "Very useful information and interesting facts"

    "Useful tips to manage the small things that eat up time"

    "Good tips, interesting topic applicable to everyone!"

    "(I liked strategies re:) what to prioritize and how"

    Organizing Consultation Reviews

    From my previous days as a hands on professional organizer:

    "We moved into our new home one year ago. We unpacked our kitchen with the intent of "organizing it when we had a free weekend" - of course, that never happened. We were left with a cluttered kitchen with no flow. We called Clearing The Way and in no time, Morag had a designed a functional and practical plan for our kitchen that worked well for our family, maximized our counter-space and has been very easy to maintain. By listening to our needs and offering input, Clearing The Way made our kitchen organization a stress-free and enjoyable experience. I love coming home to my functional kitchen! I now enjoy spending time cooking for (and with) my family."


    "Our pantry in our kitchen had become a cluttered mess. It had been organized at one time, but with the changing needs of the family it needed a complete overhaul. Clearing the way took all our needs into consideration and organized the pantry so that it is easy to locate what we want, when we wan it. It also has been easy to keep it organized and the kids know where everything goes"


    Working full time and having just purchased a new house I had no time to arrange the storage area in the attached garage. After a brief consultation, Clearing the Way organized the area creating simple storage ideas maximizing available space. Brilliant – now I can find everything and can still access the rest of the garage. Thanks Morag!!


    Our laundry room was just not working for us, and seemed to always be a mess. We often had laundry hanging in the kitchen which made the kitchen messy too. Morag looked at both room the layout and met with us. She came up with great ideas, which we then implemented. We now have a pleasant space that suits our needs perfectly.